You can't do everything.

You actually can't do much.

As I watch myself go through the process of making content and exploring new creative mediums I’m reminded that accepting limitations is useful, not detrimental.

The narrative of ‘push past your limitations’ is so loud today.

And if you never try new things, you should probably try pushing past what you believe you can do occasionally. But I believe there is another subset of society that desires to do all the things.

And to internalize that narrative is to encourage yourself to repeatedly try impossible things to the point that you grind yourself into dust.

And dust isn’t useful unless it’s blowing from the Sahara Desert across the Atlantic Ocean to provide nutrients to the upper canopy of the Amazon Rainforest… highly specific, probably not what you want to be, very interesting stuff though.

Anyway, people are finite beings with infinite possibility. It’s really weird and hard to make sense of, but here we are. There is infinite variety within what you could do, but if you try to do infinity you will get very tired very quickly.

As I explore new investments I try to keep this top of mind. I can’t understand every project. So how do I vet projects through simpler and simpler mental frameworks? I can’t make every piece of content that comes to mind. So how do I instead make myself into a person who makes more of the type of content that I would be proud to make?

I believe this is a fundamental quality of what makes an adult human.


Accepting the infinite nature of your existence, choosing a path, and voluntarily saying goodbye to most of the options.

I think it’s a skill that can be developed and that it’s useful across most activities you can engage in.

I can’t think of a place it doesn’t apply.

So if you’re a bit tired of running against brick walls of impossible expectations. If you are burnt out from running in too many directions. Or if you’re overwhelmed with the anxiety of too many decisions.

Try recognizing that you’re a flawed tiny human creature that can’t do much, and that expecting too much is counterproductive. And see what happens if you choose to limit your options with the force of a monster, protecting your environment like you’re a person who’s worth protecting, so that you function at a higher level, instead of laying yourself at the mercy of infinite possibility and the infinite measuring stick that lays beside it.