In the mud.

Knowing where you are.

Knowing where you are makes it easier to move forwards. If you are hiding from the mess you’re in then you can’t see the mess.

But if you look around and see clearly that, yes, things are a wreck, usually you can come to the conclusion that you can fix it as well.

I’m more and more enjoying the ideas of embracing problems and understanding where you’re falling short, recognizing that it’s just fine, and something can be done about it.

I think where we crash and burn is when we think that things are supposed to be otherwise. When we believe we shouldn’t be flawed, or shouldn’t be a mess, and then hide from the obvious signs that we are, because we also believe that being flawed is a sign that we have failed, everything is over, and our true shame will be revealed to us.

But most of us don’t live in a small tribe, we won’t get banished from it, and we won’t starve to death in the wilderness when someone finds out that we do in fact have an embarrassing habit of showing up late for meetings that is devolving into potential career risks, or hiding our chewing gum underneath the movie theatre seat.

Because that’s what we fear. We fear that we will die when everyone finds out what a mess we are. But when we are willing to face up to the fact that we’re a mess, and it’s fine, the terror melts away, and we find ourselves looking at the path forwards doing what humans do best, solving problems and working to be better.

I think that is a big part of what entrepreneurship is about.

Noticing that you’re in a puddle of mud, seeing that things are a mess, embracing it, and moving forwards.

It’s been on my mind.

Did a great podcast with Simon Squibb, the founder of the Purposeful Project. He’s helping entrepreneurs in many ways. Had a great conversation with him.

New episode up here.