A First

We're going to try newsletters.

I want to provide value.

I want to help.

Let’s see if the newsletter format works for that.

I’m going to be talking about a lot of different subjects. Investing, crypto, learning theory, overall self-improvement.

But my overarching goal will be to come at topics from an angle that is creative, or usefully simple.

We tend to simplify the things that shouldn’t be and complexify the things that should be simple.

We simplify the things that are frightening to explore until they’re cliche narratives. And we complicate the difficult things.

Because if we simplify complicated things then we don’t have to look at them.

And if we complicate difficult things then we have an excuse not to do them. Because if it’s simple and difficult and you don’t get something done, you have to face the fact that you’ve failed. If you say it’s complicated though, then “anybody” could have messed it up. Complicated is easy to hide behind.

Sex, economics, religion, meaning, mental health, mastery of almost any skill, these things are all full of nuance and complexity. We often shorten them into a couple of sentences each, because exploring them deeply requires us to face things that we don’t want to face.

Diet, exercise, personal finance, and the practice of almost any skill is simple, but very difficult. We make it complex so that we don’t have to actually do the work. We can instead spend our time using indecision as a method of avoidance.

And of course, there are times when this is completely untrue, and each one of these activities is the opposite of what I just described. Because, really, there is a time for complexity and a time for simplicity. And we’re required to learn when to apply them in order to navigate life.

This is a newsletter.

This is the first email.


Josh Terry

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Swan Bitcoin

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These are all companies I’ve researched, use, and would happily invest in too. I think they’re great.

Things happening:

  • The book is booking. I’ve never published a book, so I have no idea how long it will actually take. But it certainly seems like a book now.

  • My intention is to focus on this newsletter and a podcast. I make life complicated enough as it is. So, hopefully, the podcast will be coming soon.

Nothing in this email is intended to serve as financial advice. Do your own research.